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The Colorful World of Latino Folktales

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Love and Roast Chicken

Knutson, Barbara.  2004.  Love and roast chicken.  Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books.  

Summary:  In this folktale from the Andes, a clever guinea pig repeatedly outsmarts the fox that wants to eat him for dinner (Verso 2004).
Type: Beast - because the animals talk and act like humans and someone always outwits someone else.
Characters: Cuy, the guinea pig, is very clever, cute, a quick-thinker, and the trickster.  Fox is the one being tricked.  He is not so smart, but he never gives up until the end. 
Setting:  The first paragraph tells us this story takes place "One day in the high Andes Mountains" (Knutson p.1) and the time is "a long, long time" (Knutson, last page).  None of the illustrations really has anything to do with the Latino culture.  The colors are soft and light, instead of vibrant.
Plot:  This tale is about Cuy, the guinea pig trying to outwit the fox so he won't get eaten.  He tricks the fox with the boulder, the fire, and the farmer.  In the end, the fox decided he did not want to be tricked by Cuy again so he stayed away from him forever.
Theme: Don't always believe what someone says, make your own decisions.

Rating: 4 out of 5
This story was funny and very entertaining.  It did not represent the Latino culture in color or text, except for a few Spanish words, but it was rich in humor.  The illustrations were cartoon-like and really helped the story along.

Additional Feature:

Here are some quotes my students said:
"The story was great."
"The guinea pig looks cute."
"The story doesn't really represent Latino culture, except for some words."
"The illustrations really help you picture the story."
"Great adventure."
"Funny story."
"Very entertaining and I think it's perfect for young children."
"The pictures are cute."

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