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The Colorful World of Latino Folktales

Latin America consists of many different countries, including Mexico, Central America, and South America.  They also include many different cultures like Mexican, Latino, Hispanic, Aztec, Mayan, Brazilian, Peruvian, Guatemalan, Puerto Rican, Nicaraguan, any many more.
With these cultures comes a variety of folktales, but one thing they have in common are the beautiful illustrations associated with their culture.  Colorful displays are portrayed throughout Latin America.  Some of this may come from their enjoyment of fiestas, whether it is for religious, patriotic, or some other reason, these cultures love fiestas and with the fiestas come beautiful, bright colors. 
The majority of this folktale project is centered around Mexican folktales.  The Mexican culture originates from three main cultures.  They are Spanish, Indian, and Mexican. Even though there are a lot of different cultures presented, you will see many thoughts and ideas that merge together as one.  Enjoy!

This website was created as a project for Dr. Jacko's Advanced Children's Literature class at Texas Woman's University during the Spring of 2006. 


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